Spark International Online eJournal (ISSN: 0975-9729)
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Spark International Online eJournal
Spark Internation Online eJournal_Vol. VII_Issue XIII_February 2015


Welcome to Spark International Online eJournal

             Indexed in Cabell’s International Online Publishing Directory, Spark International Online eJournal (ISSN: 0975-7929) is unique of its kind that provides a forum for the discussion on recent topics and issues in the various disciplines which have an immediate bearing upon thought and practice in human life. Articles drawn from the motley disciplines, well-documented and well-communicated addressing our present curriculum, pedagogy, evaluation in education, the challenges and opportunities around us will find their place in the Journal.

            Spark eJournal aims at ‘sparking’ interest and passion among the aspirants, researchers, explorers, critics and others desirous of research, invention and contributing something to their respective area and to self, societal and national development.